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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – February 17, 2022

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 6-9 inches of snow
Date of Report: February 17, 2022
Area Report:

February 17, 2022

Hello Riders!!
Welcome back to the weekend, and a 3 day weekend for many of you! We had fresh snow last Friday and cold temps so we have had great conditions! The groomers have been out rolling all week every day!
We had our monthly Alliance meeting and trail captain meeting this week and reports from all trail captains and clubs is that their groomers are out, no major equipment issues this week. They report trails to be flat and in great condition! There are a few thin or icy spots here and there in some corners and the areas you get on/off the trail for some road riding. The roads will have some worn areas as well but do not travel on those areas far, just to connect to a wooded trail and you should be riding to the farthest right.
Lakes are great!! Again, may be thin where you enter/exit the lake but the trails are great! With more snow there are some moguls on some lakes close to the stakes as lakes cannot be groomed. There may be some broken or down stakes on the lakes, if you see any that are problematic please report to us where so that we may repair. Speaking of lakes, VERY important! Stay on the staked trail as much as possible. If you are getting off the stakes to go to lodging, a residence or an establishment please, please ride at a safe speed and be very observant of any ruts and/or plowed roads. There are some plowed roads to ice shacks and trucks that have driven to their ice shacks and with the snow being deeper there are bigger ruts. Those ruts and berms freeze solid and become very hard to see and if you hit one of those it can be very dangerous. So please ride with caution on the lakes when going off trail.
Another EXTREMELY important note! STOP AT STOP SIGNS!! FULLY STOP! We have witnessed so, so many riders flying through the stop signs. In addition to us witnessing this, law enforcement has also witnessed this being a huge issue this season. This is unacceptable! You do not run through stop signs on the road why would you on the trails? We shouldn’t have to warn this. Law enforcement will be watching this very closely and you will receive a hefty citation. If it does happen do not chastise law enforcement, you broke the law. Please STOP, it takes no time out of your day to stop.
Lastly, Birkie week starts next week. There are some trail closures in the town of Hayward and Lake Hayward. We will update on the specifics and direction to get gas in town if needed. Otherwise there are no other trail closures. The race runs through the Seeley Hills, the snowmobile and Birkie trails do cross each other so you may have some delays but not much. Please be respectful of these athletes, let them pass as they are timed and have trained very hard and cheer them on! A pretty remarkable race to witness! We will update the details and a reminder after the weekend.
As always thank you to all volunteers and all of you riders who enjoy and respect the trails of Sawyer County! We are so appreciative of you all!