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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – February 17, 2023

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 6-9 inches of snow
Date of Report: February 17, 2023
Area Report:

Hello Riders!

Several of our groomers have been out and will continue through tomorrow. Many have been out in the grooming equipment as well as on snowmobiles to see from that perspective as well. We also have discussed and gathered trail condition info from many out riding the trails.

The consensus from the information gathered is that the wooded trails are flat. The ones that have been groomed (you can view on GTS app) the groomers have chipped up and pulled up some snow from the surface as well as pulled some from sides into corners as much as possible. 

They report those trails are pretty good but with a lot of icy spots.  There is still a lot of snow, but the rain and warm weather made a hard and icy surface on the trails; so, while rideable today please do so with extreme caution. Tomorrow, more groomers will go out as the temperatures will warm up and the snow will soften making it easier as the hard surface will soften and loosen allowing the groomer to blade and cut some of that up and pull from the sides and pull the snow better in the drag.

Trails are rideable but again, be cautious of ice, take corners easy and allow stopping distance. You may also experience some overheating, there are many reasons to overheating; the style of riding, the weight of the rider, the machine, you will need to be aware of this and get your sled into some snow and keeping your track lubricated and your machine cool. Ice scratchers are wonderful tools as well in these conditions.

Road trails and those near the roads will have some bare and icy spots due to exposure to the weather, run off from salt/sand trucks and heavy traffic. Lakes unfortunately have no snow; the warmup and rain created an ice sheet. If you must ride on lakes please do so with extreme caution and at slow speeds, getting from point A to point B.

Tomorrow’s forecasted warmer temps will be helpful with the conditions, so your weekend will not be lost.  Ride safe and enjoy!