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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – February 24, 2021

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 6-9 inches of snow
Date of Report: February 24, 2021
Area Report:
The scenery is beautiful this morning!! Can’t imagine what the scenery is out on the trails with the canopy of trees! If you’re out please share your photos with us!
While we didn’t get the 5” we were hoping for we got approximately 1-3”. Anything fresh is welcomed! A chance of some more on Friday. While the temps have gotten warmer our wooded and protected trails are holding up nice. The temps cool down in the evening and things freeze back up. Your ride in the woods and the lakes will be good. Many road trails, trails out in the open and along the roads will be snirty. Also many plows need to push the snow to the edges of those roads which leaves dirt in some intersections so the ditch may seem bare, whiles some may be some may just have that plowed dirt lying on top.
We will continue to watch the trail conditions daily and post as needed with any changes, if there are no new posts please refer to the latest for your trail updates.
Groomers continue to be out daily. If the temps get too warm and conditions get soft the groomers will decide if they need to hold off so they don’t do any harm to the trails. What this means is if conditions are soft not only is the equipment heavy on the trails but also that soft snow sticks and balls up in the drag and stays there rather than laying back on the trail, then essentially you are then just pulling snow off of the trail. This is not happening at this point but worth mentioning if it does get to that point and a trail is not groomed it is not because of neglect but rather preservation. But again, at this point trails are groomed and good and we have fresh snow!! If conditions change we will post as accurate and honest as possible, it’s a large county with many trails to offer, the areas can vary greatly.
Also please note the American Birkie race is this week. If you have never heard of this it is the largest cross country race in North America hosted in Hayward and Cable. This race is still taking place this year however it is changed up a bit. Rather than Fri and Sat being the big days, the race is spread out through the week and the route has changed up a bit so it will not go through town. The race will still be in the Seeley Hills but not the full regular course so you may encounter the trail crossings and you may not this year. If you do, expect a small delay and be kind and patient as these athletes are competing in a tremendous race. The delays will be short. Please respect this race and their guidelines as we all know that in today’s world we celebrate what ever event allowed with precautions.
Get your gear and get out there, it will be a beautiful weekend and we are sneaking to the end of the season, enjoy as much of it as we can! Be safe and have fun!