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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – January 15, 2020

Trail Conditions: Excellent
Snow Cover: 9 to 16 inches
Date of Report: January 15, 2020
Area Report:

Great news riders!!  Overall, Trails are Excellent!!

A few updates:

Tuscobia is OPEN and in  GOOD shape.
Trail 6 is closed due to multiple sections being impassable – crews are working on a potential reroute
Trail 5N is open. About a 1 1/2 mile section has not been groomed due to wet areas but is passable in those areas.
Trail 5S remains closed, working with Forestry for a reroute
Trail 40 is open and reported to be in good shape
Trail 9 is open and will be groomed again later this week with the forecasted snow fall.

.Trail 5 to Wolfs Eagle Lodge, 18 off of 5 to 12 and 12 to the Flowage and back to 18 are all groomed. Also 21 to 3 to 8 has been groomed. Crew from Louie’s Landing and Musky Sno were out about 10 hours grooming that area. A few cautionary areas; a section on 18 between Hwy B and trail 12 there is still some standing water in a low land, about 2′ deep but you can go around the water. Also there is a stream between Hwy 77 and Moose Lake that is not froze. It is snall and passable but you come down a bank to the small stream and back up so ride down with caution not to hit the bank with your skis. Trail 21 along the Flowage has had an ongoing issue with a beaver dam that the DNR has intervened but beavers, well they will be beavers so they rebuild so there is a barricade around that area between the Flowage and Musky Tail.

Spider Lake in Washburn is staked. As is Lake Long Lake and Lake Chetec.

All trails in the Flambeau Forest have been groomed and are excellent.

Trail 17 past Nelson Lake is currently closed due to some flooding that had occurred.

Surrounding counties are open. For their full detailed reports you can visit

Thank you to all the volunteers! Trails are beautiful!