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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – January 22, 2024

Trail Conditions: Poor
Snow Cover: 0-5
Date of Report: January 22, 2024
Area Report:

January 22, 2024

Land trails are open but in poor condition with marginal snow, exposed rocks, and ruts. A few groomers have been out to do some panning and lay the snow flat, other than that, groomers will not be out until we get more snow.  You can follow the groomer operations on the GTS app for the most up to date information.

Private property gates, specifically ones that cross swamps and waterways, are not open yet.

The cold weather has been helpful with lakes. Those lakes that are staked are:

Moose Lake

Nelson Lake

Barker Lake

Spider Lake

Tiger Cat Flowage

Lost Land Lake

Much of the Chippewa Flowage ***see the note below on the details of where on the Flowage is staked and where is not***

Chippewa Flowage Specifics:

WEST SIDE: trail is staked from trail 9 by Chief Lake Lodge Bar & Grill / Pat’s Landing Resort up to Highway CC connecting to the east side, and up to trail 3 and 9. All businesses on the west side (Pat’s, Chief, Chippewa Pines Resort, Big Musky Resort, Sisko’s Pine Point Resort, and The Landing) have staked or are finishing staking to the main trail today as well.

EAST SIDE: trail is staked from Treeland Resorts / R & R Bayview Resort & Restaurant, and Dun Rovin Resort past Deerfoot Lodge & Resort down to Shady Nook Resort and up to Johnson’s Resort on Trail 1N.

PLEASE NOTE: Trail 6 up the river channel to Deer Run Resort and Musky Tale Resort is not yet staked and needs more time for the ice thickness to improve. You can access those businesses via the road route. Trail 18 near the Winter dam is also not yet staked.

For your safety and the safety of others following your tracks – DO NOT RIDE UNSTAKED TRAILS

There are no additional updates on lakes at this time.  Please DO NOT ride on lakes that are not staked.