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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – January 31, 2020

Trail Conditions: Excellent
Snow Cover: 9-16 inches of snow
Date of Report: January 31, 2020
Area Report:

Hello Riders!

Trail conditions are excellent! We have great snow on the trails and lakes! Groomers are out running, a bit of fresh snow is due tonight to freshen everything up for the weekend. The temp on Sunday predicts warm but just one day and it drops back down so we will fair through it just fine. We have been working groomers hard straight for over a month now so there does come a time where some maintenance has to be done, if we have anything down for maintenance rest assure crews are working hard to get them back on the trail asap and in between that time they will share a groomer from another club so these crews don’t miss a beat! Thank you to all those amazing crews who are out maintaining trails, maintaining equipment, running/traveling for parts and others that pick up the slack! We can’t thank them enough!

Just a friendly reminder to always stay on the marked lake trails. We have good ice on all of the main lakes but it’s always best to stay on the trails. If you are leaving the trails to get to lodging and food make sure your aim is to get from point A to point B. Fast traveling water areas such as channels and dams can be unpredictable. Another concern we can find is plowed lake roads. We are a fishing mecca as well and we share the lakes with the fisherman. For these fisherman to get their fishing shacks out on the ice many times they have to plow a path from the landing to their spot, so this can create a berm in the snow and going across a lake off of the trail you could encounter this path unexpectedly and hit that berm. Also be aware of fishing shacks themselves and of course, those tip ups! We want them to be able to have a fish fry, it is Wisconsin after all! Again, we share the lakes with all sportsman and we all need to stay safe and be aware of our surroundings.

So, get geared up for another great weekend! The amazing trails, the beautiful snow hanging in the trees, and as you’ve seen with out recent posts, wildlife, especially those majestic elk! If you have any fun pictures of you and your crew, the beautiful scenery and animals, anything showing you are out enjoying the Northwood’s please share them with us!