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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – January 4, 2023

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 9-10 Inches
Date of Report: January 4, 2023
Area Report:

While trails are open, we urge riders to RIDE WITH CAUTION.  Several of the larger lakes are not yet staked and we do not have an ETA yet on when this will take place.  Among notable lakes NOT staked are LCO, Grindstone, Whitefish, and Round Lake.

  • Many main artery trails have been cleared and/or groomed. It was too warm today to put groomers out so many will run during the evenings over the weekend.
  • While many trails are cleared not all trails have been cleared or groomed. There will be side trails that have not been touched yet as we are still very early with this opening.
  • There will be trails that are cleared but not groomed yet, please ride with caution as there can still be equipment out there working as well ruts created from the heavy equipment needed to cut and clear.
  • Lakes reported to be staked are The Chippewa Flowage, Lost Land Lake, Barker Lake, Nelson Lake, Tiger Cat Flowage, Callahan Lake, Mud Lake, and Spider Lake.  We will update lake staking so PLEASE watch for that and DO NOT ride lakes not staked.
  • As always, stay on the marked trails on the lakes, do not venture away and be courteous of fisherman. Also, know the lakes are rough, so ride slowly and with caution.

So, to recap, while trails are open you are riding at your own risk, and we ask you do so with caution. We also ask that if you see any down branches or debris that you throw it off rather than running it over allowing it to free into the base and become a hazard for riders and groomers.

Thank you for patience and please ride safely, this will not be the most ideal riding of the season, but it is a start.