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Trail Report: Keweenaw Peninsula / Houghton-Hancock, South Range, Copper Harbor, Michigan – January 18, 2017

Trail Conditions: Excellent
Snow Cover: 33" to 50"
Date of Report: January 18, 2017
Area Report:

All trails are open except for #122 from Lake Linden to Gay, which is being logged.  You may take the trail in order to reach the trail to Dreamland, but no farther.  Trail #133 between Gay and Lac Labelle is a little rough, as usual.  It doesn’t seem to get all the snow that the other trails get and doesn’t get groomed as often.  All other trails are being groomed daily.  That being said, yes the weather up here has been beautiful this week; sunshine, and warmer temps.  The trails are holding up great and there is plenty of snow on the trails to make it thru this little warm spell.  The snow in the parking lots and back streets is still not melting.  I know its hard to picture this when you are sitting somewhere that it is 40 and all your snow has melted, but we had 5 feet of snow!  It takes more than this to melt that!  I will keep you updated on how the trails are holding up and I will be truthful. 

Remember when out on the trails to respect others and private property, stay off all water- there are open holes out there, keep the speed in check-there are a lot of great sights to see out there on the trails, and save the drinking for after the riding.  Happy Trails!