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Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – January 10, 2024

Trail Conditions: Closed
Snow Cover: 4-6"
Date of Report: January 10, 2024

Snowmobile Information:

For Sale: 2019 Ski-doo Renegade Enduro. Original owner, doctors report he just sits in his chair staring out at the snow coming down, mumbling and giggling and talking to the squirrels. Hah!

Hornshoe club had our monthly meeting last night. Between a couple of inches today, and potential for some more tomorrow, we may start panning later in the week. we hope to establish what we can for a base before the hard freeze hits us. Our club is lucky, in that the majority of our trails are on high ground. The swamp people in some of the Northern clubs have been trying to run snowmobiles, rollers, or panning through their swamps, to try and get the cold into the ground as much as they can.

I saw a post from another club, where they were panning the trails. There was a considerable number of people poking fun or criticizing them for doing that. This is the part where the old man tells you to join a club, pay attention to what the groomer team is reporting, and understand how it works. You don’t just wait for 10 inches of snow, groom it, then ride on it. A lot of great volunteers, with tons of experience, do a lot of deliberating to determine how to attack the trails every year. When you build a road, you excavate to the hard ground, then put in layers of base course and water it and compact it to make it as hard as you can before you put the pavement over it. If you have a poor subbase, your road won’t hold up. Trails are the same way. You have to work with what you have, and do the best you can to build from the ground up using whatever you have available.


We will see what the next couple of days brings us. Meanwhile, the boys and I have to get back to a great discussion regarding acorns.