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Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – March 24, 2023

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: Patchy to good
Date of Report: March 24, 2023

Snowmobile Information:

it’s 18° right now at 8:30 AM, high of 43 today. Hornshoe one groomed all the trails last night and this morning. The sun whacks trail 17 from Mattke Rd to north of F in the same spots. In the woods we are in decent condition north of there. Caution is advised in all of the tight corners through the Raven lake area, as the operators are doing their best to pull down the banks where they can, even though it’s getting less. Trail five into the casino is good. 17 N. from five can get soft, and get a little bumpy, then freeze. Drifting put a lot of snow up in the Powell marsh, but be careful around the bridge. Overall it should be pretty good, just be careful in that there is ice under a lot of the snow, and the consistency of the snow itself changes. That can make the corners a little dicey if you don’t use caution as it warms up and freezes. Been seeing a lot of amazing riders the last couple of weeks, people using common sense and their experience shows. I will be working at the AWSC conference in Green Bay, helping to raise funds for my other snowmobile club the Midnite Trail Riders. Please go out to the Northern Hornshoe website, and take a look at the Kubota we purchased. That machine will be used for the smaller trails that are in the area of the Dam bar, down around Highway 70. A lot of landowners, and riders,have complained that those trails do not get groomed. Most of the complaints come from people that don’t belong to clubs, or understand what it takes to keep trails going. Forest riders stopped grooming there, because of the logistics, and Keith has been trying to do it with our John Deere, but the distance is too great and the trails are extremely narrow. The new machine will allow us to expand our grooming, take care of downed trees when there’s too much snow for our pick up truck, and give us something to haul equipment when we mark lakes and do repairs. Please consider donating, and we will also be doing several fundraisers to help pay for this. The clubs you see grooming right now, are not getting paid, they are burning up five dollar a gallon diesel fuel, and that comes right out of our savings. It’s been a great season, and our Vilas County teams have kept the area beautiful. I see a lot of people asking how trails are, on the Wisconsin trail website. Join a club, or at least like and follow the Vilas County clubs on Facebook. I see a lot of the reporters have run out of reporting gas, and this will probably be my last report for the season, thank you for all of the positive feedback and support. Mark