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Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – March 5, 2023

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: Bare spot to 10"
Date of Report: March 5, 2023

Snowmobile Information:

Ok, so warm weekend and heavy traffic, but Hornshoe trails are going the distance like Rocky with Apollo Creed. ( Had to do laundry today, and it was on.) 17 from Mattke Rd to F is the worst. The sun has shood that up pretty good, but you can dart about and find snow. The trail that runs along F should be on a Hallmark card-it’s perfect. 17 North of F is good. Around Raven Lake in the clover leaf, some corners have ice, as do a few areas on the straightaway the sun can pounce on, but it is holding. Trail 5 into the casino is great – not as pristine as F trail, but close. 17 North from 5 is good, but mushy. Up in the Powell Marsh, there is good snow yet, with the exception of 150 yards or so fore and aft of the bridge. All bare. The bridge deck has a loose section of rubber sticking out. There is a solid path in the marsh around that area. Trail 1, Stearns Lake Road and East Boundary, I think are pretty good yet. No eyes on target today, but they were still very solid Friday night. Snow started about ten tonight, and the ground is white. Forecast is still for 4-6″ for today, since it is 12:01 now. High of 34 Monday, cloudy, 38 Tuesday, with Sun, but low 17. 35/20 Wednesday with clouds and snow-.5″. 31/24 Thursday with clouds and snow-.5-1″. 28/25 Friday with clouds, and weather and radar says 5-10″ snow. Heavens to Mergatroid, we are game on for another weekend? Let’s hope so. Mark