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Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – October 28, 2023

Trail Conditions: Unknown
Snow Cover: Leaves are White Kawabunga Y'all!
Date of Report: October 28, 2023

Snowmobile Information:

Ok, so a half a pot of coffee and snow on the ground, and your favorite reporter is all wired up, and in the process of delousing the cottage to avoid the resounding “CHING” of the frying pan. 

Seriously though, trail work is going on all over the Northwoods. We put the tree whacker on Hornshoe 1, and the joystick failed. $2200 later, back on the trail, and one of the rams came apart on me. Keith pasted her together with a new ram, and we finished tree whacking, then switched to the bushwhacker. Blew a gearbox on that, so we had to switch back to the other machine. None of this equipment is very old, or abused. We pay for all of this out of funds we raise. So when you see raffle tickets for sale, or clubs asking for donations, this is what it goes for.

Hornshoes will be brushing Saturday,. November 4. Check us out on our website, Facebook, or even Youtube – we have a channel now. Need help, over.

I also belong to Minoqua Forest Riders, Mercer Snow Goers, and White Thunder Riders. You want to meet people, great people, and get a pulse for what it takes to keep the trails smiling, join a club. Take two, they’re small.

Spent two days helping Rodney Burzinsky work on his cabin at Pine Lake Resort this weekend. Man, that guy knows a lot of people. Met quite a few of the operators from Mercer, and White Thunder. Great People! Also met two of the guys from Track Inc. in Monaco. Also helped Doug and Robert put up the new Pine Lake sign out on 51 during the deluge yesterday. Cool shots on Facebook. Shout out to Doug and Katie for the hospitality and all they do to support the trails!

Floor is dry, gotta get to work. See Y’all.