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Trail Report – : Lake Gogebic | Bergland, Michigan – January 3, 2019

Reporter:AJ's Walleye Lodge
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: Good
Date of Report: January 3, 2019
Area Report:

Good morning and Happy New Year from Lake Gogebic.  It was an extremely busy weekend – but we made it through, riders had a great time, and overall positive reports were in abundance.   Certainly, not perfect conditions, but given the amount of traffic and snow we’ve received, everyone had good reports and gave the trails and the area a “thumbs up” to all out local area Grooming Clubs! 

We owe some updates – so here they are.    These are combined reports from local grooming clubs, guests at our Lodge, and from a trip Jim and Anthony took yesterday.    

As of Jan 2, 2019 – all Lake Gogebic Area trails recently groomed.

Trail 1North:      Trail 1 N from Bergland and the North Shore of Lake Gogebic reported to be in very good condition.   White Pine to Silver City is ridable, but in poor condition.  There is one large marked waterhole about 4/10 South of Silver City that is hoping to be repaired this week.

Trail 1 South:     (to Presque) recently groomed.  Good condition, however, gets thin South of Marenisco.  Groomed from Marenisco North to West Side Resort where the trail ends for now.  Option is to hop on lake and continue North about 4 mi north, then get off the lake and follow signs to where you can pick up trail system again.  

Trail 102:             South Boundary to 102 beautiful trail with flocked snow.  Very good condition with a few spots but hopefully our -12 degree temps last night took care of those.

Trail 8 East:     Across top of lake Gogebic very good shape. East is fair/good.

Trail 8 West:    Fair condition.  Improves further west and at Tula Crossing West.  Unplowed county road – reported by Gogebic Range Trail Authority as EXCELLENT. 

Trail 100:         Closed

Trail 101 and Trail 13: both in good to very good condition as reported by the North Country Snowmobile Club. 

Trail 137:  (the railroad grade between Ontonagon and Rockland) was groomed today  and is thin, but in good condition.  


Trail 12:

  • Greenland to 137 –    Good to fair condition with some wet spots between the intersection with Trail 137 to Woodspur Road.
  • Ontonagon to Potato Farm Road  –  There are a couple of water holes in the wooded sections west of Ontonagon, but they should be iced over now.  Not groomed thru this section right now as the weight of the rig is still breaking thru. The highline section between Norwich Road and Potato Farm Road is in very good condition.
  • Along LP Walsh Road –    The straight section that runs along the north side of LP Walsh Road just east of Hwy 64 has had open running water in every low spot that doesn’t have a culvert or bridge. Many of these have probably started to freeze up, especially with last night’s -12 degree temps but you can also ride the snow bank along the shoulder for this 4 miles. It is legal to do so, as this is a county road. Please ride with caution when you share the road with autos and trucks. 


Trail 101  – Potato Farm Rd to Trail 13:  very good condition.

Trail 13:

  • From Trail 101 to 137 very good condition. 
  • Trail 13 from Trail 101 south to Bergland was also groomed Monday night by Gogebic Area Grooming.
  • The section between the river crossing and Trail 137 is in poor condition. It’s about a 1/2 mile of trail and we would recommend the alternate route below to and from Trail 137.  It is not being groomer right now.
  • The section between Trail 137 and Rockland was groomed Saturday. Groomer went through and just pulled out, so use caution. -12 temps last night probably helped out.


West out of Rockland – take Trail 137 right (north) at the junction just West of town. Turn left onto Victoria Road (West) (I believe it is the first stop sign you will come to.) This will take you right back to the trail at the river bridge which runs part of this road.

If you are heading East to Rockland – stay on Victoria Road after you cross the river.  You will meet Trail 137 about a mile up the road. Turn right on Trail 137 and it will take you right back to 13.

If you are coming South from Ontonagon on Trail 137 and want to go

We are heading into a weekend calling for warmer temps but those temps are only around for a couple of hours.    We’ve got a great base which developed over the holidays due to the help of some sleet and freezing temps.   Last night is was -12 degrees – so anything wet should be firm by now.   Snows in the forecast for a couple of days starting Jan 7.   Will just need to see what that brings.    Do the Heike Lunta.

Please be safe when heading out.    Make sure your phone is charged and keep in mind that not all areas have cell coverage!    Grab a map, put a couple waters and some snacks in your bag and always make sure everyone in your group knows where they are headed.    Be respectful of private land owners, and of all the hard work our volunteers and Groomers put in to ensure that you have a great experience.   Please consider joining a club (or two or three!).    Above all – have fun enjoying all that the Lake Gogebic Area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has to offer!

 NOTE:  It is illegal to ride on or ride the plowed shoulder of any Michigan state highway. (in this area: M64-M28-M38). When the trail runs along the hwy, you are allowed to come up onto the shoulder to go around a hazard or cross a bridge when necessary, but then you MUST return back to the trail. County deputies, state troopers and DNR law enforcement will write tickets for this infraction.


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