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Trail Report – : Minocqua, Wisconsin – January 4, 2020

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 12-18
Date of Report: January 4, 2020
Area Report:

The Lakes are not Cruiser Trails and are marked by private business owners. You are doing so at your own risk. The only marked lake we know of is Big Arbor Vitae.
Cross Country Cruisers Trail Report 01/03/2020

Grooming has been going on early morning and nightly.

We are trying our hardest to keep the moguls cut. It seems like a never ending battle.

There are bare spots on Pope’s Run.

The logging operations continue and the map we posted earlier with closures east of Hwy 51 still are in place. Trail 3/6 at 17 are closed and you cannot ride 6 to Sayner without taking a longer route. Trail 17 east of Hwy 51 up until trail 3/6 are shared with loggers. Watch out for trucks.
The Bearskin Trail has a detour south of Minocqua with signs out. Pay attention and follow the detours!

The only marked lake in our area is Big Arbor Vitae, marked by Slo’s Pub, not the Cruisers.

I do not know the conditions out on the ice. Please stay as close to the markers if you do go out there.


PLEASE turn off your high-beams when approaching a groomer, it is blinding the operators. Have fun and ride right, safe and smart!

The map shows the closed areas of Cruiser Trails due to logging.