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Trail Report – : Price County – Park Falls, Phillips & Prentice, Wisconsin – February 27, 2019

Reporter:Price County Tourism Department
Trail Conditions: Excellent
Snow Cover: 20-26
Date of Report: February 27, 2019
Area Report:

Snowmobile Trail Conditions

We have received a lot of snow this past weekend. The groomers are out trying to get the trails opened and ready to go again. Please be careful on the trails, there are large areas with drifts that may not have not been opened yet. Many reports of sleds stuck on the lakes and trails are being reported in. The groomers are doing there best to get the trails back in the best shape they have been in for years. Watch for wildlife on the trails as they are looking for places to travel as well.

NorthWoods Hi-Riders 2/26/2019
Who would believe that we would get more snow than what we could groom, but some drifts are so big and deep the groomers are getting stuck. We are 1 day off our regular grooming schedule but are working to catch up as quickly as possible. We should be all caught up in a day or so, but in the meantime if you want to go “boondocking” down some of the trails now is the time. Watch out for “snow suck” along the sides of the trails. More snow coming! Enjoy.

Sno Gypsies 2/26/2019
The trails have many areas that are drifted over. Please be careful if you are out riding. Many sledders are getting stuck off trail. The groomers are not able to pull the drags right now but are out with the groomers plowing and opening the trails up. We will continue to get the trails back to the great conditions as soon as we can.

Eisenstein Bushwackers 2/22/2019

All Bushwacker trails where groomed Thursday night. They are very good best in years good base like 14 inches enjoy. There are lots of sleds out today all very happy Thank you from the Bushwackers

Prentice Bush Benders trail report 02/20/2019

With all the new snow and more coming our trails are all in good to excellent condition. The groomer is out everyday working to provide the best trails possible. Our groomer does run day and night so always be aware and ride with caution in the wooded areas and areas with blind corners. Spring is only 4 weeks from today so get out and enjoy the great trails in all of Price county. As always ride safe and have fun.

Fifield Sno Drovers 2/20/2019

All trails are in excellent shape and IT’S SNOWING! The trails have all been groomed, smooth and fully covered with snow. Now is the time to ride!
Logging continues on Trail 120 south of the big swamp and Fould’s Creek Rd and on Trail 108 between Trail 101 and highway 70. PLEASE TAKE IT SLOW IN THESE AREAS! The loggers report that some snowmobilers have been driving too fast around the logging equipment. We’ve put up additional warning signs, but safety is up to you. We don’t want any of you to become statistics, so go slow and beware of ice where the trails have been plowed.

Elk River Pioneers 2/20/2019

All area trails have been groomed and are in excellent condition. Watch out on soo lake in the narrows someone plowed across trail!

Lugerville chasers 2/20/2019

Trails are being groomed twice a week and are in excellent condition. Most of our trails are privately owned so Please stay on marked trails.

NorthWoods Hi-Riders 2/18/2019

The trails around the Solberg Lake area were all great for the busy weekend we had. The groomers will be out to keep them in excellent shape. They have a good base and plenty of snow to groom with. There is short section on Trail 102 along the Squaw Creek Wildlife area that has some woods machinery working along it. Be Cautious, Ride Safe.

Kennan/ Catawba Driftsplitters 2/6/2019

We will have all trails groomed and in very good shape by Thursday. There is logging on trail 94 and on trail 181 between intersection 100 and intersection 101. With the good snow we got all trails will be groomed twice a week.