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Trail Report – : Price County – Park Falls, Phillips & Prentice, Wisconsin – January 11, 2019

Reporter:Price County Tourism Department
Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 4-6
Date of Report: January 11, 2019
Area Report:

Prentice Bush Benders trail report- 01/11/2019

All of our trails have been groomed once. They are in fair to poor condition with minimal snow cover in the open areas and in the village of Prentice. Trails in the woods are in better shape but are still in early season riding condition with some rough spots. Trails to the South and East of Prentice have more snow cover. All the creeks and swamp areas are frozen. There is logging on trails 181 East of Prentice and 116 East of County Road K. If we get snow the trails will improve quickly with the base we have down. We will be going out Monday and Tuesday to groom all of the trails one more time, after that we will not be grooming until we get more snow. Ride safe and have fun.

Snowmobile Trail Report 1/10/2019

Fifield Sno Drovers
The Sno Drovers’ trails in the Pike Lake area are in better shape than the thin snow cover would suggest. I would rate them as fair to good. We have been grooming and the trails are generally smooth and hard. That being said, RIDE CAUTIOUSLY! There are rocks, dips and other hazards that normally would be covered with snow on the trails. I suspect the snow will not hold up well to heavy traffic so there is no telling how they will be after the weekend. We will continue grooming as we’re making the trails better, but at some point , if we don’t get snow, we’re better off not grooming since we’ll be pulling up rocks and shaving off what snow there is.

Logging continues on trail 120 south of the big swamp and Fould’s Creek Rd and on Trail 108 between Trail 101 and highway 70. Take these slowly and expect icy conditions and logging equipment. There is a small creek running across Trail 101 west of Northernaire/FR144. It is marked with a barrel and will not be a problem as long as you take it slow. We hear there is open water in Iron County on corridor 19 just off our Trail 106.

Eisenstein Bushwackers and The Sno Gypsies
Yesterday groomed 80 from Boyer road to Lake shore drive Today we groomed 89-90-91 all swamps are packed and frozen There are a couple wet areas that are very sort Like less than 10 feet. There really were only 2 spots out of all our trails. Trails are pretty good for the snow we have received so far. The Toscobia getting groomed this evening. Enjoy our trail system Thank you from the gypsies

I rode the rails last night and the trails are in decent shape. Still would like to see some additional snow to make them great but still fun. The groomers are doing a fantastic job with what they have to work with.