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Trail Report – : Price County – Park Falls, Phillips & Prentice, Wisconsin – January 8, 2020

Reporter:Phillips/Park Falls Chambers
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 12-16
Date of Report: January 8, 2020
Area Report:

Snowmobile Trail Conditions
Fifield Sno Drovers 1/7/2020
All the trails in the Pike Lake area are in great shape with the exception of areas we’re not grooming yet due to water under the snow/ice. These areas are passible via snowmobile but may be a bit rough. This is the stretch of trail 101/10 from where it turns off the long straight-a-way leading to Northernaire/144 to the bridge at Fould’s creek. The trail 106/19 leading to Iron County remains closed until we get word that the Iron County club has been able to open their trail. We understand trail 101/10 is closed just east of Sugarbush Road due to open water in the swamp. The HOPE to reopen it on Thursday, 1/9 given the colder weather. The lakes are still not marked at this point due to slush and questionable ice conditions. While we’re hoping this cold snap improves the condition and we mark them soon, the best option is to stay off them until we’ve determined it is safe and mark them.


Lugerville Chasers 1/7/2020
Our trails are being groomed twice a week and are in good to excellent condition. We have a few bad spots that you need to take caution. First area is on Trail 80 going east and west. There are open water areas. We are hoping with cold temps that we can address these two areas. Good news is that you are able to sneak around both areas. Second area is on trail 90. Power company is updating power line poles so please drive slow in case they are on the trail.

Northwoods Hi Riders 1/7/2020
We have been grooming the highland areas around Solberg Lake, but still no major swamps. Trail 102 from Phillips to the 121 intersection above Gates Lake towards Wintergreen is groomed and in excellent riding condition. Trail 141 on the east side of Solberg is groomed and in excellent condition, trail 141 to Lugerville is partially groomed, and very rideable. Trail 112 out of Solberg Park is groomed, but there are logging operations going on along that trail. Trail 121 north of Solberg to Hick’s Landing area is NOT groomed due to the 2 major swamps on that trail, plus there are logging operations on each side of the swamps. Trails 121 going to Lugerville is not groomed east of Old 13 Road due to 2 swamps that are still not in condition to be groomed, but they are getting closer. You can ride the swamps with snowmobiles to get them packed down so they freeze, they are just a little choppy. Stay to the outside. Watch for small branches sticking into the trails. Solberg Lake is not marked as of yet, but maybe this weekend if it stays cold.

Prentice Bushbenders 1/7/2020
We have started grooming operations again and hope to have all trails that we can get to done by Wednesday night. The trails that have been groomed are in great condition. Areas that cannot be groomed yet because the swamps/creeks have not yet frozen down enough to get the groomer through are as follows; Trails 181 and 102 West and North of intersection 108. Trail 116 between County Road K and intersection 97a. Trail 120 North of Windy Lane. Trail 120 South of intersection 108 to the first gate. Trail 189 between Trail 102 (the Pine Line trail) and the Prentice Ogema Road. All trails are passable by snowmobile but the worst area are the 2 creeks North of Windy Lane. We are working on these areas daily and hope to be able to groom them within a week. Please ride safe and have fun.

Also it can not be stressed enough to only ride on marked trails. There were 2 fatalities this last weekend on Lake Nokomis when snowmobiles went through the ice.

1-6-20 The Tuscobia and Trail 80 were groomed yesterday. Today 80N, 89, 90 and 91 were done. Trail 91 west of Butternut lake was partially done but due to some open swamp it was not completed. If anyone feels adventurous you can ride it and open it up.

Eisenstein Bushwackers
GO UP SUGARBUSH Firelane to 103 can go to wintergreen lake from there Partial opening of swamp between sugarbush firelane and the A frame park on Highway 70 its like 3 miles from 101 on sugarbush firelane up to 103
NoTE with assistance from the forest service shut the gates on this for 3 days to let it freeze down will be good to go when we open gates Thursday. Please use Trail 103 to Sugar Bush fire lane then south and opposite when coming to 101 from the south go approximately 3 1a2 miles to 103 and to winter green lake area TY for Patience

Price County has 500 miles of trail, maintained by 9 volunteer clubs. You’ll find beautiful scenery and wildlife along the trail system to enhance your experience.