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Trail Report – : Price County – Park Falls, Phillips & Prentice, Wisconsin – March 1, 2019

Reporter:Price County Tourism Department
Trail Conditions: Excellent
Snow Cover: 20-26
Date of Report: March 1, 2019
Area Report:

Snowmobile Trail Conditions

All the clubs are reporting that the trails in Price County are now back to the excellent condition they were in before the huge snowfall last week. Please be careful and stay on the trails. The snow is very deep in areas and sleds are getting stuck. There is also considerable slush on the lakes. Watch for wildlife on the trails as they are looking for places to travel as well.

Lugerville chasers 3/1/2019

Trails are being groomed twice a week and are in excellent condition. Most of our trails are privately owned so Please stay on marked trails.


Sno Gypsies 3/1/2019
The Groomers were out over the last couple days getting the trails all opened again. All the Sno Gypsies trails are groomed and in excellent condition. Please watch for wildlife on the trails as they are using them a lot as well. Please stay on the trails as there are some areas that are very deep. Enjoy the trails in and around Park Falls.

Prentice Bush Benders trail report 02/28/2019

With the blizzard on Sunday we have been scrambling to reclaim the trails from mother nature. The groomer has been going out without the drag to bust open the trails again. We busted open the worst spot last night where our groomer got stuck on Monday. This area is on trail 120 N-Corridor 19 to the North of Windy road. When riding in this area please use caution. The drifts were 4 to 6 feet high in this area and it will remain rough until the groomer goes through several times. This being said, our trails will all be groomed at least once by Friday night. There will still be loose snow so ride safely. We had a good base before the storm so the trails should come back to good condition fairly quickly with continued grooming operations and sleds riding the trails. Be safe and have fun.  Thank you, Prentice Bush Benders.

Kennan/ Catawba Driftsplitters 2/28/2019

All Driftsplitters trails in Kennan and Catawba have been groomed Monday or Tuesday and in excellent shape. Grooming all trails twice a week. Logging continues on trail 94

Eisenstein Bushwackers 2/28/2019

With all the snow and wind, The groomers spent 24 hours in 2 days grooming all the Bushwacker trails.  Enjoy them and be safe. All Bushwacker Trails are groomed and Look fantastic. The Tucker Sno-Cat and The Mogul Master do a tremendous job. Please stay on the trails, some areas are very deep off the trail. Enjoy our trails they are the best. Thank You from the Bushwackers (This is on110)

Fifield Sno Drovers 2/28/2019

The trails are amazing! Our groomers are out twice a day making our 78 miles of trails some of the best on the state! Ride now or forever hold your peace!!

NorthWoods Hi-Riders 2/26/2019
Who would believe that we would get more snow than what we could groom, but some drifts are so big and deep the groomers are getting stuck. We are 1 day off our regular grooming schedule but are working to catch up as quickly as possible. We should be all caught up in a day or so. Watch out for “snow suck” along the sides of the trails. More snow coming! Enjoy.

Elk River Pioneers 2/20/2019

All area trails have been groomed and are in excellent condition. Watch out on soo lake in the narrows someone plowed across trail!