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Trail Report – : Rhinelander, Wisconsin – December 21, 2020

Reporter:Hodag SnoTrails
Trail Conditions: Closed
Snow Cover: 2-3" on the ground
Date of Report: December 21, 2020
Area Report:

The good news…..The lakes have good ice, and will not be an issue for start-up.  The swamps are froze tight, and pre-season inspection didn’t reveal any wet spots, bad areas.  Groomers should be able to pack / pan all areas once enough snow is on the ground.

But, there just isn’t enough white gold for us to do anything with at the present time.  If we continue to get a few inches every few days, we can get out and pan, but nothing scheduled so far.


The trails have been brushed, marked, inspected by club members and are ready to go.  The equipment has all been cleaned, oiled, and preventative maintenance completed.  The grooming schedule is set and drivers are all ready to hit the trails.  The club is in the best position to maintain the trails beyond most rider’s expectations.

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.


Trails are still closed at this time.