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Trail Report: Sayner, Wisconsin – December 27, 2016

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 2 to 3 inches average On The Trail
Date of Report: December 27, 2016
Area Report:

The latest weather system to move through on Sunday – into yesterday – was a blessing in disguise. No one likes rain this time of year but the inch or so of rain we received actually helped out in the long run. This is thanks to the sharp drop in temperatures yesterday. The rain we received added needed moisture to the dry snow we had on the trails, pounded it down, and with the temps dropping right back down – it formed a nice hard crusty base. There were some light flurries yesterday with light snow predicted off and on the rest of the week. Add some fresh snow on top of our new crusty base and the trails will be pretty darn good. We do expect heavy traffic, so how well the trails hold up remains to be seen.

The downfall of this latest weather system was all the wind yesterday. We had some trees come down and many branches. We will be out today to clear the brush & trees as quickly as we can.

Some area lakes have been marked – many have not. If you come up on a lake that is not clearly marked with a crossing, the best rule of thumb is: turn around, go around, and don’t drown. Plum & Star have not been marked. However, both MIGHT be by the middle or end of this week.

We still have logging going on in a few areas of our system. The operations can start or stop without notification. Even when the processors move out – trucks will still be hailing out loads of logs. Watch for logging ahead signs, logging trucks, and logging equipment. PLEASE DO NOT hassle the loggers. If they get hassled – they have the right to shut that section of trail down. PLEASE BE PATIENT and stay out of their way. Watch for signals from the loggers and follow them. They might tell you to please wait or to go around.

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