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Trail Report – : Sayner, Wisconsin – March 3, 2022

Reporter:SaynerStar Lake Barnstormers
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: Minimal
Date of Report: March 3, 2022
Area Report:

Trails are remaining in overall good condition.  There is a potential for rain this weekend, so conditions will vary depending on what happens.  Right now the hills are getting icy.  Traffic has slowed down quite a bit, so we will be grooming less frequently.  Most sections of our system may only get groomed once or twice weekly.  Hilly sections will be groomed less due to icy conditions and not being able to navigate with the equipment.

If this weekend brings snow instead of rain, it’ll make a big difference in how long the season continues.  Rain instead of snow will most certainly put the end of season in view.

For right now, you can still find some great riding conditions.  We just can’t predict how long they’ll last.

LOGGING UPDATE:  Logging operations have started on portions of our trail 11.  They’ll be logging from Nebish Lake Road to Starrett Lake to Mystery Lake.  IMPORTANT:  Loggers have the right of way.  They have the authority to close our trail, so please be respectful; don’t get in their way and don’t give them reason to shut us down!

Please support all of the clubs by participating in their fundraisers!  Here’s a list of what’s coming up for the Barnstormers.  You can also get more info at

September 4, 2022:  Star Lake Mayoral Race.  3:00 – 7:00

September 5, 2022:  Meat Raffle @ Weber’s.  2:00 – 5:00