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Trail Report – : Sugar Camp, Wisconsin – January 25, 2018

Reporter:Matt Winters
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 8"-10"
Date of Report: January 25, 2018
Area Report:

The recent big snowfall we received this week put the trails in very good conditions filling in all rough areas in swamp’s & other areas. Use caution in sharp corners and hills as they are icy so ride at reasonable speed approaching these areas. There has been drifting occurring on lake crossings so maintain reasonable speeds while crossing and stay close to the orange barrels. Remember to give groomers as much room as you can when meeting them to stay clear while they go by. Remember 3 digit brown and white numbers at all intersections are there for your safety in case of emergency to pinpoint emergency personnel of your exact location & obey nighttime speed limits of 55mph. Support local club’s and businesses as you ride the great trails in the northwoods. United we trail divided we fail!