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Trail Report – : Sugar Camp, Wisconsin – January 5, 2018

Reporter:Matt Winters
Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 4"-6"
Date of Report: January 5, 2018
Area Report:

Trails in sugar camp are in early season riding conditions yet. With no really measurable snowfall the past few weeks you will encounter alot of brown and snirty conditions. We have just recently gone through all swampy and low lying areas with groomers the past week and these areas will still be rough as we wait for more snow to arrive to fill everything in. The forecast is looking promising the next week here with the chance of some snow. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed to get some fresh snow to work with on the trails. All lakes in the sugar camp trail system have been marked with orange barrels and are safe to cross. Make sure to stay close to the barrels as you cross the lakes as their were some slushy areas out there yet and were rough in areas as it froze so maintain reasonable speeds while crossing. Remember to purchase your annual trail pass before riding the trails and remember all intersections have a 3 digit number for your safety and in case of emergency that will pinpoint emergency personnel to your location. Think snow!