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Trail Report – : Sugar Camp, Wisconsin – March 2, 2018

Reporter:Matt Winters
Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 4"-6" woods areas
Date of Report: March 2, 2018
Area Report:

Trails in sugar camp are in fair riding conditions. The recent warm temps in the mid 40’s all this week have taken a toll on snow conditions on the trails. You will encounter alot of snirty conditions out there along with some burn thru from the sun  in certain areas showing some dirt. Also be aware of water standing on trails from melting snow you will have to do alittle driving around these areas to stay out of the dirt so  maintain reasonable speeds. This is also occurring in swampy & low lying areas.All lakes are still safe to cross so stay close to orange barrels. Temps will be in the mid 40’s the rest of the week into the weekend  so get out & ride while we got the snow! United we trail divided we fail!