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Trail Report: Superior – Douglas County, Wisconsin – January 3, 2017

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 4-6" in most places.
Date of Report: January 3, 2017
Area Report:

As is typical for this time of year, certain trail segments can be opened and others are not ready yet due to wetland crossings and/or have restrictions due to private land easements.  It is critical that we respect the landowners who allow us to use their property. Please review the information below carefully before trail riding and confirm that you are using open trails.

Please note that on certain trails only segments of that trail may be open at this time. We anticipate frequent updates as the clubs report in with trails they have checked. In all areas where the winter recreational trails are closed the clubs are actively working on the getting the trails open.

Winter Trail Report 1/3/2017
NE Quadrant

1/3/2017 With the exception of Trail 635, and the southern portion of 235, all Brule River Rider Trails are open. Snow cover is thinner to the west and south, better to the east and north. Trails are fair to poor to the northeast portion of Brule River Rider areas of Douglas County and poor to the west and south.  On Monday, January 2, 2017, grooming was done between Brule, Poplar and Hawthorne with plans for more grooming before the end of the week. ATVs please use caution in low-lying areas off railroad grade trails – there are still a few lowland problem areas that would not be safe for ATVs.


Trail 1: Trail is open to Bayfield County and groomed one pass on 1-2-17.

Trail 2: Groomed Brule to Amnicon Falls. Trail expected to be groomed again within the next week.

Trail 4: Groomed between Brule and Hawthorne. Trail is in fair to good condition.  ATV travel is not recommended west of Hawthorne until we can evaluate the trail.  Use caution anywhere there is possible water flowing.

Trail 6: Open on both sides of Lake Nebagamon.  ATVs please use caution on the eastern side in low areas.  This trail is expected to be groomed again within the next week.

Trail 18 to Bayfield County: Open in Douglas County with the Douglas County portion groomed.

Trail 24: Open and groomed, with the trail in mostly fair condition.

Trail 27/27A and what we will for now call Bayfield 24 is open and groomed late last week, and is expected to be groomed within the next week.

The upper end of Trail 27 & Bayfield 24 has been rerouted to get off of the South Shore Grade Road.

Trail 35: Trail needs to be evaluated.  Snow levels have been poor and not suitable for snowmobiles.

Trail 235: Gates are open on the northern end only, snow cover is quite thin.

Trail 635: Not open at this time.

NW Quadrant

All winter use trails in this quadrant are closed at this time with the exception of:
The Saunders Grade
Gandy Dancer Trail
The Crosstown Route
Trail 0
Trail 28

SW Quadrant

All winter use trails in this quadrant are closed at this time.

 SE Quadrant

#35 Wild Rivers Trail – Not groomed at this time

# 41s from #3 to Burnett co. line – Not groomed at this time

# 5 – From Trail 35 west to W. Mail Route – Not groomed at this time

27B – Not groomed at this time

27C – Not groomed at this time

Trail 3 – Trail received 2-3 inches of new snow over the weekend. Not groomed at this time.

Trails 7
Trail 27
Trail 41N
Trail 541
Trail 41 between Hwy 53 & Trail 3

Trail 217 and Trail 17
Trail 217 – Not Groomed yet – Rough and icy – open to ATVs and to snowmobiles.
Trail 17N – (Cabin Lane to Fowlers Circle) Not Groomed yet – Rough and icy – open to ATVs and to snowmobiles.
Trail 17S – (South of Fowlers Circle to Trail 8) – Closed.

Douglas County Ski Trails
The Ski Trails have not been groomed or tracked yet for the season. The ski trails have been cleared of new deadfalls and will be packed tomorrow. No grooming is scheduled until new snowfall occurs.