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Trail Report – : Superior – Douglas County, Wisconsin – March 15, 2022

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 9-10
Date of Report: March 15, 2022
Area Report:

The current warm up is staring to melt the trails.  Douglas County Snowmobile and Winter ATV trails will close for the season on Sunday March 20th at midnight.

It is critical that we respect the landowners who allow us to utilize their property. Please Stay On The Trails.

Please share this info with anyone that you believe would be interested…our goal is to inform as many trail riders as possible.

Please check with neighboring counties to ensure the trails are open before you ride! 

SW Quadrant –(Maintained by Cozy Corner Trails Club)
Trail 5 Groomed Last Week
Trail 5A Groomed Last Week
Trail 925 Groomed Last Week
Trail 835 Groomed Last Week
Trail 930 Groomed Last Week
Trail 9 Groomed (watch for Logging north of Cnty Road A)
Trail 935 Groomed Last Week

SE Quadrant –   (Maintained by 4 Seasons Recreational Club, Jackpine Riders, and Get-er-Done)
Trail 5 Groomed Last Week
Trail 35 (Wild Rivers Trail north of Solon Springs) Groomed Last Week
Trail 35 (Wild Rivers Trail south) Groomed Last Week
Trail 27B Groomed Last Week
Trail 27C Groomed Last Week
Trail 41S Groomed Last Week
Trail 41B Groomed Last Week
Trail 217 Groomed Last Week
Trail 727 Groomed Last Week
Trail 17N Groomed Last Week
Trail 7 Groomed Last Week
Trail 27 Groomed
Trail 3 Groomed Last Week
Trail 41 (WRT to the warming Shack) Groomed Last Week
(Watch for logging near Pierce Road.)
Trail 541 Groomed Last Week
Closed Trail
Trail 17S (South of Lower Eau Claire Lake) The crossing at Williamson Creek is no longer safe.

NE Quadrant – (
Maintained by Brule River Riders)
Open Trails
Trail 1:  Groomed
Trail 2 (TCC): Groomed
Trail 4:  Groomed (watch for logging west of county road P) Club is Mowing west of Hawthorn
Trail 6:  Groomed Last Week
Trail 18:  Groomed
Trail 24:  Groomed
Trail B 24:  Groomed
Trail 27/27A:  Groomed
Trail 35 (WRT) Groomed Last Week
Trail 635: Groomed Last Week
Trail 235: Groomed Last Week

NW Quadrant- 
(Maintained by Drift Dodgers)
Gandy Dancer Trail Groomed Last Week
Saunders Grade Groomed Last Week
Wrenshall Grade Groomed Last Week
Trail 0 Groomed Last Week
Trail 28 Groomed Last Week
The Cross town connector Groomed Last Week
4/41 Groomed Last Week (Watch for Logging)
Trail 4 Groomed Last Week

Please enjoy and Ride safe!

For Further information, Pease contact the Douglas County Forestry Department at 715-378-2219 or see our website,  Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM excluding Holidays.