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Trail Report – : Western UP, Michigan – January 27, 2020

Reporter:Western U.P. Snowmobile Report
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 36-24
Date of Report: January 27, 2020
Area Report:

Western U P Snowmobile Trail Report— 1/27/2020


Gogebic Range Trail Authority – Snowmobile & ORV Club Trail Report


  • Trail Condition: Excellent
  • Last Groomed: January 27th, 2020
  • Base Snowfall: 36″
  • Reported On: January 27th, 2020 @ 9:24am

Groomer Report


Monday 1/27 9:00 am CST:    Trails are in fantastic shape!!  We have had a week of active weather providing several inches of fresh snow.  It has been warm so grooming has been tough, but we continue to run around the clock with our sole operable groomer.  Crews ran constantly this weekend to try and keep up with traffic.  We expect our repaired groomer back this week, hopefully mid week.    Driving hard through corners and excessive track spin will destroy trails fast.  We have 12-30″ base (20″ on average) and all that snow can make big bumps.  Ride like you have to return that route later in the day and everyone’s experience will improve!

Suggested Ride Pattern:  Leave in the morning on trail 8 and return on trail 2.

WARNINGS AND NOTICES:   We are begging riders to ride off trail legally as there are 1-million acres of public land east of Wakefield to off trail ride on – please only ride legal areas!  The Ottawa National Forest is 990,000 acres and much of it open to cross-country riding (no trail/road) if there is 6″ or more of snow.  Several restricted areas, contact the forest for further information. Call 906-932-1330

Trail 2 from Hurley to Ramsay US-2 Crossing:

Overall rating:  EXCELLENT

Last groomed 1/26/2020.    Please do not ride on sidewalks near Holiday and try to keep noise down in town.

Trail 2 from Ramsay Crossing to Wakefield:

Overall rating:  GOOD TO EXCELLENT

Last groomed 1/27/2020.  The entire stretch is in excellent condition and the tight sections saw SIX PASSES last night!  Featuring a brand new section to enjoy this season, the club eliminated Prospect road route and moved the trail completely into the woods eliminating 1.5 miles of road route.  PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL AND RESPECT THESE LANDOWNERS!

Trail 2 from Wakefield to Marenisco:

Overall Rating:  EXCELLENT

Last groomed 1/25/2020.  The trail had about 8 hours of set time with no sled traffic, it should hold up well today.

Trail 8 from Wakefield to Tula Crossing:

Overall Rating: EXCELLENT

Last Groomed 1/27.  This is one of our most heavily traveled trails.  There is a new traffic pattern on the northern end due to a plowed section.  Please follow the new route for the remainder of this season.

Trail 160 from Walmart to Montreal River (WI):

Overall Rating:  EXCELLENT

Last Groomed 1/25.  There is logging about 1/2 way north on the trail, YIELD TO LOGGERS AND GIVE THEM RESPECT – IT’S THEIR LAND!   STAY ON THE TRAIL!!!!!!   This is our most scenic trail and is a treat to ride!  Stay on the trail in the farm fields.  Over 25 landowners are involved to make this trail a reality, please respect them and ride responsibly.  There are several scenic vistas on the trail:

Bald Mountain “NORTH” lookout viewing Madeline Island/ mouth of the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior

Bald Mountain “SOUTH” lookout viewing Gogebic Range (Powderhorn, Copper Peak)

Montreal River Gorge look out

Superior Falls Waterfall Complex.

11S (Wakefield, MI to Winchester, WI):

Overall Rating:  GOOD TO EXCELLENT

Last Groomed 1/24.  A couple icy areas remain rough due to freezing the trail in.  PLEASE YIELD TO ANY AND ALL LOGGING TRAFFIC.  There is a short section of dual use the landowner (Keweenaw Land) has graciously approved us to use along with them.  It is private land and we are guests, please act like it.  THANK YOU to all the people who have helped brush this trail!  You made our groomer operators day twice over by helping brush the trail for us.  This is what makes snowmobiling great!!

11N (Wakefield, MI to South boundary Rd/White Pine):  Closed due to off trail riding.  Seeking local community support with ideas on how to reopen it.  200 yards of private property closed this 25 mile trail.


January 21, 2020

All trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are being groomed nightly and are in GOOD to EXCELLENT condition!  Cold and snow in the forecast.    Two ice heaves were reported last weekend.   North of Root Cellar and North of Fishtales.   Use caution.

  • Trail # 1N:       from Bergland to White Pine is being groomed nightly and it is reported to be in excellent condition.
  • Trail # 1 South:             towards Marenisco from Trail # 8 (Ethelwood Grade) is being groomed nightly and is reported to be in excellent condition.
  • Trail # 1 south from Marenisco to Wisconsin Border is being groomed daily and it is reported to be in excellent condition.
  • Trail # 8 East from Bergland to Ewen is being groomed daily and it is reported in excellent condition, but gets moguls towards the night!
  • Trail # 8W: from Bergland to Wakefield is being groomed nightly and it is reported to be in excellent condition.
  • Trail 102 from Bergland to Trail #11 is being groomed nightly and it is reported to be in excellent condition.
  • Trail # 13 North from Bergland to 101 is being groomed nightly and it is being reported to be in excellent condition.
  • Trail # 13 South from Bergland to Root Cellar ***Still being logged***.  This section of trail is 90% riding on East Shore Rd.
  • Trail 13 South from Root Cellar to 100.  This trail will be hit every other day, or until the traffic picks back up when 13 from Bergland to Root Cellar opens back up.
  • Trail #13 South from 100 to Trail # 2 is reported to be groomed daily and is in excellent condition.
  • Trail # 100 South end of Lake Gogebic is reported be groomed daily and is in excellent condition.


U.P. Thunder Riders Trail Report 1/27/2020

  • Trail Condition: Good To Excellent
  • Last Groomed: January 27th, 2020
  • Base Snowfall: 24″
  • Reported On: January 27th, 2020 @ 9:59am

Groomer Report

Thunder Riders are grooming daily and the trails are in excellent shape!

Trail #3 from the Wisconsin border to Watersmeet excellent, Watersmeet to Paulding excellent.

We have 2 logging project on Trail #3 both are very passable. One area is north of Forest Rd 5250 (trail 150) and the other is north of Bond Falls Rd. Please use caution in these areas and respect the loggers.

Trail #2 west of Watersmeet to Trail #1 south, excellent

Trail #2 east of Watersmeet to Trail #107, excellent

Trail #13 south to Cisco Chain, excellent