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Trail Report – : Ely, Minnesota – January 24, 2018

Ely, MN Chamber of Commerce

Reporter:Ely Chamber of Commerce/Explore MN Visitor Center
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 14 inches
Date of Report: January 24, 2018
Area Report:

Ely Area Lakes & Trails: Most lakes have good solid ice, however, thin ice may exist in areas with current (streams, narrows, rivers).  Lakes do have slushy areas and some pressure ridges.  Area lakes are staked, with the exception of Mud Lake, please stay on the staked trails to avoid slush.  All trails along the Echo Trail are groomed.  Hidden Bay is closed due to active logging.  There is logging between Birch Lake and White Iron, so please use caution and remember the trails are shared with logging equipment.  Overall trail condition is fair to good.

Taconite Trail: Snow – 8-20” depth  Base – 1-3”  Groomed – yes  Condition – good   The entire Taconite is in good condition. Use caution in the area between Pfeiffer Lake and Big Aspen as there is logging activity and also a section of open water remaining. There is also a small area of slush and moving water 5 miles west of Ely. Caution signs and flagging are in place for both of these sections.

 Arrowhead Trail: Snow – 12-24” depth  Base –1-4”  Groomed – yes  Condition – Good  The entire Arrowhead is groomed and in good condition. Please be aware of and slow down for logging activity throughout the trail, especially a large section between Elephant Lake and the Elephant Lake Road to the south.

Putnam-Fishing Lakes Trail: Base – 1-4”  Groomed – no   Condition – good  The trail is groomed and in good condition. The trail remains rough in spots due to rocks and low snow.

Lake Vermilion State Park and Soudan Underground Mine State Park: Snow 13-14”, Base – 4”, Condition – fair  The trail remains ungroomed. We anticipate having these trails groomed by Thursday evening if conditions allow.

Tomahawk Trail & Local Trail Sections: Snow 15-18” depth, Base – 1-4”  Groomed – yes  Condition – fair  Stony Spur and Tac. Spur North are groomed and in good shape. Tac. Spur West is groomed but with some plowed sections and some rocky sections on the power line need to use caution when riding.   

For all trails, the base is thin in a number of places due to recent warm weather and lack of snowfall. Please use caution while riding. There are active logging operations on multiple sections of the trails. Please travel at appropriate speeds and stay to the right.