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Trail Report: Conover, Wisconsin – December 10, 2016

Trail Conditions: Closed
Snow Cover: 4"
Date of Report: December 10, 2016
Area Report:

Trails are closed until at least December 12th in Vilas County. Trail inspections have been taking place the past several days and a decision to open or not will be made Monday. Most area lakes are now ice covered but far from safe.

News and Reports:

I had posted some trail updates in my last report but they were lost in the Snowtracks format change. Here they are again:

Trail  numbers near town have been changed to more accurately follow traffic flows thru the area. The 2016-2017 map shows the new numbering. If you have doubt, follow the signs.

There was a miserable “S” curve & hill at the west end of our WI River bridge along Hwy K. It was bad on a sled & worse in a groomer. That curve is now gone & hopefully the straight hill will be less icy.

The intersection just East of the town park area to head South to Eagle River has been moved about 1/4 mile closer (west) to town. Coming from the East you will see closed gates where you used to turn, don’t panic. Signs have been moved too.

The trail to Twin Haven & the lake was rerouted to align with the next phase of the Conover/Phelps bike trail. New map & signs show the change.